Easter in Italy and in Rome

During the Easter Holy week in Italy in every italian region exhibitions, local feasts, rites and processions are taking place in the streets where the penitents walk holding torches and praying. Even the bells in the churches stay mute from Friday until Easter to evoke the pain for the crucifixion.
With the Last Supper episode, that is with Jesus dividing up some bread and handing the pieces to the disciples, it already states clear that food holds a major significance in this festivity.
That’s the reason why on Easter food remains in different ways the main character: eggs are given (real ones, hard boiled and often painted with decorations or the more common ones are the chocolate eggs ), as symbols of rebirth and fertility, since Spring usually starts in this period as well; Lamb is usually cooked and a dove- shaped Easter cake is served (the traditional “colomba“) , which are evident symbols of the Passion.
Other typical Easter cakes are “Torta Pasqualina” whose main ingredients are ricotta, arthichokes and eggs and the delicious “Pastiera Napoletana” with corn, butter, ricotta and candid fruits.
The day after Easter is officially the celebration of the Angel announcing the resurrection of the Lord to the women at his tomb. In Italy Easter Monday is a bank holiday, and in Rome, as well as in other Italian cities, organizes cultural events. Italians traditionally spend this day among friends, having pic nics, doing outside activities or organizing trips somewhere.
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