Norman Rockwell exhibit in Rome

Norman Rockwell: The optimism of american “Golden Age”

On exhibit until February 2015 “American Chronicles: the Art of Norman Rockwell” at Palazzo Sciarra (besides Via del Corso, in the heart of Rome). Paintings, documents, photographs and 323 original covers of the “Sunday Evening Post” by the iconic painter & illustrator Norman Rockwell testify over 50 years of American history. The typical American family is portrayed in Rockwell’s works, caught in its daily life, often belonging to the rural world. A sense of optimism and trust in state institution characterize these works, despite (or maybe precisely because!) they were products of a society which in fact was undergoing a deep turmoil: from wars, to race problems and economic crisis.
Venue: Fondazione Roma Museo, Palazzo Sciarra (next to Via del Corso).
Timing: Mon-Fri 9:00-18.00; Sat ore 9:00-12:00.
You can reach the exhibit venue in a short span by bus from Vivi Rome bed & breakfast!