Expo Milano 2015 tickets

In two weeks the Universal Exposition 2015 will begin, and together with it a series of events all focused on food & nutrition will take place all over Italy as companions to the six-month fair in Milan.
Plan you trip in Italy that period according to the events of Expo Milano 2015: give a look at the available ticket options!

WHERE to buy it:
1) From the official website of Expo Milano 2015;
2) at the Expo Gate located in Piazza Cairoli, downtown Milan;
3) from any Authorised Reseller (check out official website for full list).

HOW MUCH it costs: it depends on which type of event you are interested in and on some other variables which may give you right to discounts (age; being part of a family group, school; having diabilities etc.). However, tickets range from a minimum of 5€ for night events to more than 100€ for the seasonal pass. There are several choices in between of course: see the next point.

Open Date–> for the entire day on either May 2 or October 31.
Fixed Date –> for the entire day on a specific date between May 2 and October 31.
Evening ticket –> just for entry starting at 19:00.
May 1 Opening –> for opening day of the Exhibition Site (official cerimony & celebrations to inaugurate the six months of events, debates and experiences)
Multi-day –> for two consecutive days, between May 2 and October 31. (It’s less expensive than purchasing two one-day tickets. Available either as a Fixed or Open option… see above).
2-3 day Carnet –> to visit Expo Milano 2015 whenever you want. These are available for two or three open dates between May 2 and October 31.
Expo Milan 2015 is open Monday – Sunday from 10am to 11pm.
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